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Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan


A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE, INSPIRED BY OUR SURROUNDINGS - The Appalachian mountain range is one of North America's oldest and most majestic natural wonders. It stretches from Canada's eastern seaboard to central Alabama in the United States and is home to an amazing variety of hardwood species which are world renowned for their exceptional natural qualities. Black Walnut, Cherry, Hard Maple, Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak and Yellow Birch can all be found amongst its peaks and valleys. This mountain range is our main source of raw material, which is harvested for us by local workers. Our production facilities are also situated in the Appalachians. Our main facility, built in 2000, is located in Cowansville, Quebec, and our engineered facility, operational since 2012, is in North Troy, Vermont. 

Inspired by our namesake, Appalachian Flooring refines natural beauty so that it may become a part of your home. Our dedication to innovation and growth assures our position as one of the premier North American hardwood flooring producers. 

We invite you to explore with us a world of rich textures and pure colors designed to please the most refined tastes. You will find timeless classics as well as cutting edge design-oriented colors in our various collections. Many finish options also await you, form traditional finishes, to oiled, distressed and wire-brushed flooring. Let us guide you to the floor of your dreams!

ENGINEERED VS. SOLID HARDWOOD - When it comes time to buy a new hardwood floor, many people have questions about the difference between a solid and engineered product. Some may think that an engineered floor is a type of laminate, or a type of product made inexpensively overseas. Appalachian engineered hardwood flooring is real hardwood flooring with a Baltic Birch plywood core. This core gives the product great stability than a traditional hardwood floor and allows longer and wider planks to be produced than by concrete slabs, where traditional hardwood floors are unsuitable. 

NATURAL BEAUTY, SIMPLE CARE - The moment you first walk on your new Era Design floor, you will be swept away by the magnetic pull of its organic texture and luxurious beauty. An innovative natural oil based finish lets us preserve and protect the rich appearance of the wood without obscuring it beneath an artificial layer. Products in this collection have the lowest sheen and allow you to feel the natural texture of the wood. 

DISCOVER ERA DESIGN - Every item in the Era Design Collection was specially chosen to bring out the distinct character of each wood species while providing the perfect backdrop for your lifestyle. Few floors can promise the ease of living and long term potential offered by the Era Design Collection. Follow the conditions and guidelines in our Era Design Care and Maintenance Guide, and your floor will foster your visions of beauty for years to come. With proper care and maintenance, an Era Design floor can be used in any type of residential setting and many commercial ones as well. In a residential setting, weekly cleaning with the Appalachian multi-surface floor cleaner and a quick and easy reapplication of oil several years down the road (or according to wear) is all that is necessary to ensure the durability of your floor. In a commercial setting, the frequency of cleaning and renewal will depend on the amount of traffic. These characteristics make Era Design an excellent choice for people with active lifestyles. 

Embrace True Style - Alta Moda offers you an experience worthy of the great fashion houses. Red and White Oak are treated to a light wire-brushing to reveal the full depth of their character and to create a deeper texture on the surface. Unique and complex stains are then applied to make every single product in this collection stand out like a runway model. 

HARDWOOD FLOORING REDEFINED - Like any world-class masterpiece, every Villa Europa floor is unique. Each board is individually worked to create its hammered look and distinctive character, and then undergoes a double staining process to better highlight its particular beauty. This collection features distressed products in a low sheen. 

IMAGINATION BROUGHT TO LIFE - We have pushed beyond the limits of traditional creativity to give birth to visionary styles that have to be seen to be believed. From metallic coatings to ultra-matte finishes, our Special FX Collection contains revolutionary products that will change the face of floor covering. 

DISCOVER SPECIAL FX - Whether it is about exploring the far corners of the galaxy, travelling back in time to see lost civilizations, or marvel at what magic can do, the technology of special effects lets us witness the unbelievable and brings our imagination to life. 

The Special FX Collection aims to capture that wonder, by using advanced technology to combine opposing natural materials and create finishes that defy reality.

Imagine a floor with the warmth and natural grain of wood, but with the radiance of polished metal. Our Metal FX product use real metallic pigments in our finishing process to create wood floors with the look and shine of stainless steel. It is almost magic.

Dreaming of a modern color that is out of this world? Our Special FX products use a special double-layered staining process which results in a beautiful depth of coloration with a finish so matte that is has the lowest gloss levels currently available in a prefinished product.

Due to our unique production process, variations in appearance between production lots may occur. Therefore, it is not recommended to mix different lots. 

EVERSHINE POLYURETHANE FINISH - Evershine is Appalachian Flooring's revolutionary finish available on all of our products in the following collections: Signature, Alta Moda, Villa Europa and Special FX. It allows our floors to be both beautiful and resistant. It has a phenomenal capacity to retain its gloss and resist wear through, thereby preserving the original beauty of the floor. Evershine will keep your floor better looking, longer.  

THE EVERSHINE ADVANTAGE - Evershine offers enhanced protection for your floor. There are other finishes that exist which also promise resistance to wear, however their abrasion-resistant layer is usually applied beneath the topcoat. This means that the top layer of the finish remains susceptible to wear. This can result in your floor becoming noticeably dull in high traffic areas. The Evershine advantage is that the abrasion-resistant aluminum oxide particles are in the very top layer of the finish, thereby protecting the original appearance of your floor. 


  • 35-year limited warranty on wear through 
  • Seven coats of UV cured polyurethane 
  • Advanced Nanotechnology - Aluminum Oxide
  • Highest taber-test results in the industry 
  • Anti-microbial additive.  

ERA DESIGN OIL FINISH -  Our unique production process allows us to create a fine patina that will resist wear, liquid spills and conceal damage for years to come. We infuse the wood with oil which bonds with the cellulose in the wood fiber. The oil is then cured in our facility. This avoids the cumbersome and often unpleasant process of on-site finishing in your home. Oil finishes are built into the wood. This allows oil finishes to showcase the natural texture and appearance of wood and often makes the repair of minor damage relatively simple. It can also be cleaned 24 hours after installation, unlike other oil finishes, which can require up to a three week waiting period before being cleaned for the first time. 

ALTA MODA WIRE-BRUSH FINISH - Steel brushes are used to lightly texture the surface of the flooring. An ultra-matte finish is then applied. This makes for flooring that is child and pet friendly as its texture helps hide marks and scratches. 

AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT - Walnut has always been prized for the distinctive coloration of its heartwood which varies from a deep chocolate color to a light brown. Walnut's sapwood contrasts sharply with the heartwood as it varies from cream to white or ivory. It is also one of the softer hardwoods used for the commercial production of hardwood flooring. Walnut's color will evolve significantly over time.