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Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

Engineered Flooring Okanagan

THE MERCIER FOOTPRINT - Minimizing our environmental footprint means producing less waste, recycling more, exercising rigorous traceability and responsible forest management. That's why all our wood sources are certified environmentally responsible and our wood flooring continues to help create buildings that are compliant with LEED certification. THE MERCIER FOOTPRINT: The best hardwood floors on the market, the most durable and especially, the most environmentally friendly.  

MERCIER GENERATIONS GREENGUARD CERTIFIED - MERCIER is now greener than ever, acting today for tomorrow's generations. We are among the only prefinished hardwood flooring manufacturer to have the GREENGUARD Gold certification, granted by an independent third party.

Our GREENGUARD certified MERCIER GENERATIONS finish is made using 100% pure soybean oil. It is hypoallergenic and COV-free. Additionally, our floors are inspected at every stage of the production and finishing process, earning the GREENGUARD GOLD certification. Better resistant to wear, it comes with a 35-year comprehensive residential warranty and a 5-year commercial warranty, confirming its durability. 

With our GREENGUARD certified finish, you benefit from the cleanest, most environmentally friendly hardwood floor on the market, that has the least adverse health effects. A hardwood floor in line with MERCIER FOOTPRINT. 

ANTIMICROBIAL - Using a powerful antimicrobial agent that inhibits the risk of microbe and mildew growth on finished surfaces, the MERCIER GENERATIONS GREENGUARD Certified finish helps keep your home safe and hygienic. 

NON-YELLOWING - With its state-of-the-art protective coating, the MERCIER GENERATIONS GREENGUARD Certified finish offers superior protection against premature wood discoloration and yellowing. 

TABER TEST - The Taber test consists of subjecting a finished flooring section to a spinning wheel covered with sandpaper and measuring the number of rotations needed to completely wear the finish down to the wood. The higher the number of rotations, the greater the resistance of the finish. 

Larger than... nature!

As trees are synonymous with natural authenticity, the planks from the Naked Wood Series are synonymous with simplicity, nature-inspired beauty and style. When extended on the walls to create natural seamlessness with the flooring, they give the room an enveloping atmosphere. Neutral colours and raw material harmonize marvelously in this symphony of warm caramel shades. Add accents of deep moss green, and the decor becomes divinely organic.  

Lights and Textures - 

Brightness and mixing textures are assuredly trendy. You'll fall in love with these wooden planks of a width of 8 inches or more, and lengths varying from 60 to 87 inches. They are ideal to make a room look bigger and brighter by enhancing natural light. Here, the furniture selected combined the geometrical rigor of the Nordic design with the Japanese style. No need to think twice when choosing wood flooring the hues of ochre, chestnut and soft beige to create that beloved warm decor. It goes without saying that teal, THE colour of the moment, is the perfect accent shade to highlight a decor. Use it for accessories made of natural fabrics like linen or velvet.  

Authentic Cocooning - 

Solid wood, wool throws, hot beverages, enamel cups. Warmth and authenticity bring peace of mind, In our hectic modern times, creating a cocooning atmosphere has become a classic in decoration. It is beautifully brought to life by a mix of textures, and the contrast of wooden hues and natural materials. And no need to hide those objects of everyday life in living spaces - that can be art galleries to exhibit masterpieces created by the kids!  

Sophisticated Richness - 

To add elegance to a room and emphasize its unique character, nothing beats the coal-like and deep rich colouring of walnut. It undeniably stands out in this room with a variable geometry in style that is enhanced with furniture and decoration accessories strategically selected. Brass, marble and leather combined with the warmth of linen and wood complete the classic look of this room. 

How to Shop for your Solid, Engineered, or LOC woodfloor? 

Solid - 

The installation of these floors may require the skills of a professional. A timeless choice, they're exceptionally durable. Made from 100% solid wood. 

Engineered -

While they may be more complex to install depending on the method of installation, these floors have several noted advantages: increased stability and the option of wider boards. 

Lock -

The easiest wood floors to lay. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and all those who want to save on installation costs. Ideal for basements, they are an efficient, resistant and a stable choice. 


Wide or narrow boards? 

For fans of the modern, rustic or industrial look, wide boards amplify the impression of vastness. Narrow boards are better suited for classic or contemporary decors. MERCIER offers 7 different widths, from 2 1/4" to 8 1/8". 

Semi-gloss or Matte finish - 

Imperfections and dirt are better camouflaged by a matte finish. However, a semi-gloss finish can help to enhance the impression of space, especially if applied on wood with a light stain. The matte-brushed finish is available for the Red Oak, White Ash and White Oak. 

Light or Dark - 

A dark floor adds emotion to decors and creates a hushed, warm environment, even though it easily shows the marks and scratched of everyday life. A light-coloured wood floor favours an airy, peaceful and bright ambiance.