Coswick Solid Hardwood Floors

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Eco - All Coswick products are manufactured from natural wood, as well as only carefully selected high quality materials with strict requirements for ecological safety are used in company production process. Finished Coswick products are regularly tested for formaldehyde content. According to European standard EN14342 formaldehyde emission of Coswick flooring corresponds to the safest class E1. What is more, the whole range of Coswick products either has No Added Urea Formaldehyde at all (NAUF) or meets ULEF requirements, as per American CARB ASTM standard. It means that the level of emissions of Volatile Substances of Coswick flooring is equal to that of natural wood.  

DECLARATION ECO - At coswick we strongly believe that Ecological Safety of hardwood flooring is just as important as its visual characteristics, durability, and ease of maintenance. Coswick hardwood floors are regularly tested for VOC emissions to ensure full compliance with highest environmental and ecological standards EN14342 (Class E1) and CARB ASTM (NAUF, ULEF). FSC Certification is applied to all Coswick product lines, so, all the wood products manufactured by Coswick originate from raw timber harvested by forestries committed to environmentally and socially responsible logging. Coswick Team work closely with local organizations, institutions and forestries with the aim to protect and maintain environment and forest reserves. We are proud to say that all timber used for flooring production is harvested using clan felling procedures and environmentally responsible practices that do not lead to reduction in oak and ash wood. Operating a fully integrated manufacturing cycle - 100% of manufacturing waste (sawdust or wood chips) is recycled, burned in boilers for heating kiln dryers or pressed into wood briquettes widely used as fuel for home heating. 

CANADIAN OWNED FLOORING COMPANY - Coswick is a Canadian owned flooring manufacturer with production facilities located in Zaslavl, Belarus. Our manufacturing process is completely integrated starting with raw timber processing all the way to the end product. Coswick product lines include factory-prefinished ready-to-install hardwood flooring, wall panels, sports floors, decking & siding, as well as accessories. Company unique production process allows our Team to control quality at every stage of manufacture. Sawmills, Kiln dryers and UV finishing lines- all the machinery used by Coswick is state-of-the-art; operation - top talent available in the industry - altogether ensures the highest and utmost product quality. 

1,000,000 sq. m. - Coswick Team numbers 600 people. Company's manufacturing capacity is over 1,000,000 sq. m. per year and about 90% of all the products are exported globally. Coswick dealer network spans over 45 countries, including Canada, USA, European Union, the Persian Gulf region, Russia, China, Australia etc.  

Coswick Production Program - Coswick manufacturing program includes highly stable 3-layer single strip T&G and click flooring, solid hardwood floors, as well as chevron, herringbone, uniblock, parquetry and mosaic flooring. Product selection also includes sports floors, decorative wall & ceiling panels, acoustic panelling systems, decking & siding, as well as a complete line of care & maintenance products, coatings for on-site finishing and adhesives for flooring installation. 

Sports and Events Flooring - Coswick line of sports hardwood floors provides excellent flooring solutions for a wide range of public and sports interiors, including:  Indoor sports courts used for training and competitions of all types, including international tournament and team sports such as basketball, volleyball, handball, squash etc. All types of gyms and interiors used for fitness and physical activity, including training in team sports. Fitness centers, yoga and aerobics studios, dance halls and choreographic studios. Temporary floor covering solutions for holding sport dance competitions, exhibits, presentations and other public events. 

Finishing Systems (Coswick Lacquer) - 

Finish Technology - CosNanoTech+ finishing technology provides exceptional protection for your hardwood floors. CosNanoTech+ finish is composed of 12 coats of top quality sealers and compounds with aluminium dioxide for extra durability. Crosslinked nano particles are used to increase finish elasticity and maintain high wear resistance. Coswick CosNanoTech+ finish has 25-year warranty. 

Features - Clarity. Finished surface is clear and transparent. All you see is wood in its natural beauty. Smoothness. Finished surface is very smooth to touch. Durability. Innovative CosNanoTech+ finish is 10 times more wear-resistant than traditional urethane finishes. Coswick CosNanoTech+ prefinsihed floors are covered by 25-year wear warranty. 

Ecology - Environmentally friendly. CosNanoTech+ prefinished hardwood floors have zero VOC emissions. Antibacterial Shield. CosNanoTech+ finish serves as a shield that prevents bacteria and mildew from multiplying on floor surface.  

Care and Maintenance - Easy care and maintenance. Sweeping or light vacuuming is all that is required for regular maintenance. Use Coswick Service Kit to clean and extend the life of your hardwood floor. 

Coswick Silk Oil - 

Finish Technology - Innovative Silk Oil protective finish consists of 4 coats of deep penetrating UV oil. Silk Oil finished flooring feels warm and smooth under your feet, it does not show dents and scratches as much as other finishes do. Silk Oil floor is very easy to maintain. 

Features - Smoothness. Silk Oil finished floors feel warm and silky smooth under your feet. Walking barefoot on oiled floors feels incredible! Universal use: Coswick Silk Oil floors are recommended for residential as well as commercial use. Water repellent properties of Silk Oil finish make oiled flooring the perfect choice for lakeside cottages, bars, and restaurants. Silk Oil is very forgiving. Because the finish is matte, small scratches and dents will not be visible on the floor surface, but will blend in with the natural wood grain texture. 

Ecology - Environmentally friendly. Silk Oil prefinished hardwood floors have zero VOC emissions. Antibacterial Shield. Silk Oil finish serves as a shield that prevents bacteria and mildew from multiplying on floor surface. 

Care and Maintenance - Easy restoration and repair. If cared for correctly, oiled flooring will never need to be fully sanded and refinished. Depending on the amount of traffic, your Coswick Silk Oil floors will need to be re-oiled every few years. Coswick recovery oil can be applied directly over the old finish. Easy care and maintenance. Sweeping or light vacuuming is all that is required for regular maintenance. Use Coswick Service Kit to clean and extend the life of your hardwood floor. 

Coswick Wax - 

Finish Technology - Hardwax Oil is an innovative hardwood flooring finish that consists of 3 layers of wax oil produced from natural components. Among the main ingredients of Hardwax Oil are organic oil, was, and other natural components. In Hardwax Oil finish, oil easily penetrates into wood pores, deeply saturating the wood, strengthening and protecting it from ill effects of moisture, dirt etc. Waxes create a hard protective film on the wood surface. Aside from moisture defense, they protect the floor surface from wearing. Hardwood floors with Hardwax Oil finish easily absorb moisture and release it back into the air, thus helping to ensure a healthy atmosphere. 

Features - Effect of "Open" Pores.Along with wire brushing technique, Hardwax Oil finish emphasizes natural texture and beauty of oak. Pores appear "open", visually preserving the depth of texture and relief. 

Ecology - Environmentally friendly. Silk Oil prefinished hardwood floors have zero VOC emissions. 

Care and Maintenance - Repairability. Hardwax Oil finish has a soft matte sheen, much like that of natural wood. Following finish renewal or re-waxing of the entire floor or worn-out areas, the sheen level temporarily increases, but returns to normal within a few days.   

Over 25 Years Of Dedication To Hardwood Flooring - Since 1995 Coswick has been creating premium quality hardwood floors of superb and long-lasting performance. The company gained wide manufacturing experience by operating a fully integrated production cycle from logs to ready made prefinished hardwood flooring and became recognized all over the world. We are glad to are our experience with experts and hardwood floors owners as a system of tested products for every stage of hardwood flooring use. Coswick well-balanced formula and unique quality control system ensure highest quality of primers, adhesives, lacquers, cleaners, renovation and care products suitable for all types of hardwood floors and protective decorative finishes. Coswick is dedicated to production of well balanced, high performance, eco-friendly and easy to use products. We are working to make your hardwood flooring everlasting and bringing you joy and happiness.