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GUARANTEE - ALL EUROSTYLE laminate floors are put through a series of rigorous tests in order to comply with international quality standards, which is why we grant an extensive guarantee with every product. You can rest assured that, whatever range you choose, its going to be easy to maintain and will give you enjoyment for many years to come.

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STAIN AND IMPRINT RESISTANT  - Whatever you might spill, be it red wine, oil or jam, don't panic; it can be easily removed. EUROSTYLE is also abrasion resilient, robust and proven to be one of our mist resistant flooring's available, even heavy furniture wont leave an imprint. Please use felt pads for your furniture and ensure that swivel chairs are fitted with soft castors.

1CLIC2GO - Even in hard to reach places like corners, doors, and under radiators, the ingenious "1clic2go" system makes installing EUROSTYLE floors simpler and faster than ever. The tongue & groove joint along the length of the panel is placed in position from above and fixed flush with the adjoining panel. The panels are then securely interlocked as the patented "1clic2go" beading latches into position with an audible click. Quick. Easy. Secure. 

MULTI PATENT INDEMNITY - Enjoy 100% security with multiple patent protection for all our products! In addition to the Kronoflooring patents, this Multi Patent Indemnity certificate provides extensive protective rights for VALINGE INNOVATION AB international and a choice of UNILIN patents worldwide. This involves assured, unrestricted product use of the glue-free click system for the trade. 

TUV - Regular independent quality checking via external testing and auditing of the production process as part of he quality assurance system of Kronoflooring. 

ANTI-SLIP CLASSES - Safety is something we put great emphasis on. Classification in anti-slip classes (R9 and R10) has been achieved through specially developed surface structures, which address the requirements for floor coverings in the workplace and commercial areas where a high risk of slipping is present.  

A.B.C ANTI BACTERIAL COATING - We know that keeping your floor as clean as possible will be important to you and that means minimizing the risk from germs. We cant see germs, but we all know the problems they can cause if left unchecked. Allergies can be aggravated and illness can result, which is why EUROSTYLE has introduced A.B.C., Anti Bacterial Coating that does not allow for germs to grow on your flooring. Germs can be present on a floor from many sources such as shoes, spills, or animals etc., but EUROSTYLE A.B.C. Anti Bacterial Coating, works alongside a hygienic cleaning regime, to create peace of mind and a healthy environment. 

ENDLESS BEAUTY - Continuity of decor and structure from panel to panel. In addition to almost invisible joints at the panel's short side, this feature creates the look of never ending planks and leads to a visual enlargement of your room. 

DIAMOND GLOSS - The high-quality structure with the exclusive Diamond Gloss effect is characterized by a brushed, matt surface with glistening synchronized wood pores, which reflect the light differently as you move around the floor. The gloss effect emphasises the depth of the structure and illustrates the character of natural wood perfectly. 

HANDSCRAPED - A breathtakingly elegant and realistic oiled wood finish, with gentle irregular undulations, inspired by traditional Amish craftsmanship. The soft matt surface replicates the hardwood area of solid flooring gently polished over time due to footfall. Meanwhile the deep matt pores are highlighted with glossy accents. 

MICROSCRATCH PROTECT - This especially durable surface will protect your floors even better against microscratches which can occur through heavy use. With Microscratch Protect, your flooring will have the best possible protection against everyday wear and tear. 

ECO FRIENDLY - All EUROSTYLE laminate floors are environmentally friendly as standard made of 95% wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. What's more, the entire production chain - from raw materials to the finished product - has been certified and is regularly inspected by independent experts, ensuring peace of mind for you - and protection of our environment.